Infants thrive when their world seems loving, safe, and predictable. When you express love and respond to their needs, you teach them that they can count on you.

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Babies are learning language from the moment they are born. At first, to a newborn baby, speech is just sound. Then, day by day, they learn that the sounds have meaning.

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Becoming good at math begins long before a child enters school. Even infants are wired to learn simple math ideas, including small numbers, patterns, and making comparisons.

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Movement and play are good for children’s bodies—their coordination, strength, and overall health. They are also ways that children explore and learn about the world.

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The more we read with young children, the more prepared they become to enjoy reading and to do well in school. It is never too early to begin reading!

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The 5 Basics above are used with permission of Boston Basics. See About Us for more information.

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Give Your Child A Better Start!

The Proverbs Project seeks to spread the word to everyone in DeSoto County. See how to use the five basic, fun activities above in a purposeful and meaningful way to help your preschool children get off to a great start in life.

Similar efforts are underway throughout America, and The Proverbs Project is our local initiative dedicated to the idea that we can do better by our youngest citizens. You can help by learning these five simple ways to develop language in children, doing them with your children, and spreading the word to others!

Courtesy of The Patterson Foundation, Sarasota, FL

The story doesn't end there. It's easy to make a difference in your child's future by age 4. Simply Love, Talk, Count, Play and Read. It's just that simple!

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